About us

What is YumYum?

I introduced YumYum in my restaurant six years ago. During that time, I was instructing my chef on the proper utilization of pure MSG for seasoning. However, as it doesn’t have a distinct flavour it was difficult for them to understand how much to use. 

To simplify the seasoning process for my chefs, I created the golden ratio of MSG to wok-roasted salt and white pepper.

YumYum doesn’t have a distinct flavour. On its own it has a mild salt and pepper flavour, however the magic happens when you add it to your dishes. 

Why would I buy YumYum?

YumYum doesn’t change the taste of your existing recipes, instead it amplifies the original flavours of the dish, giving you a richer, more robust eating experience.

Don’t believe me? Try adding a little bit of YumYum to a recipe you already enjoy and watch how the seasoning enhances the existing flavours.

And it's vegan friendly and gluten free so anyone can enjoy it.

I introduce you to YumYum. The world of umami. A secret culinary weapon. An ingredient that amplifies the natural flavours of food without overpowering them. Experience the fifth taste sensation that adds depth, richness and deliciousness to every bite.